NRDland and Petra’s Call

Things have been very quiet here at  There are a lot of reasons – work, family, life.  But the biggest reason is that I’ve been working on my next side project that is now live.

Ninja Robot Dinosaur (aka NRD) is my side-project company.  And after a few false starts and aborted projects,  my first NRD project is live: Petra’s Call.

Petra’s Call is a flash comic about a druid girl who wants nothing more than to hear the spirits of the forest so she can join the war against the cities.

Petra’s Call is an experiment in story-telling on the web (pacing, linking, format), teired narrative (linked wiki’s, hidden secrets) and process (producing a few pages of a fully colored and interactive comics with only a couple of hours a day to work on it).

Episodes 1 and 2 of Petra’s Call can be read at – please head over to the NRD Ansible forum and join the conversation.

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