Wow – so I started following blogs who have been nothing but twitter updates – and well… I’m really sorry for doing what I’ve been doing on my blog.  This is devastating to all 4 of my faithful readers (hi mom – please follow me on Twitter!).  

While the blogging will be infrequent over the next little stretch (finalling a game, finalling side project – more on that soon and being a dad), I haven’t forgotten about my little home on the interwebs.

So – yeah – I just wanted to apologize for punishing you by giving you nothing but twitter updates.  I’ve changed my settings and it’s going to stop now.

6 thoughts on “Gah!

  1. Hi Shane :)

    I’m glad you’ve changed it :) I don’t like that when people do it on their blogs either.

    More content Shane, more content! Esp. about where you are working!!! :)

  2. I’m still reading…but this twitter business isn’t for me. I’m old >_<; technology hurdists meh brain. ;)

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