Ray Ardent Returns

Three years ago I launched my first indie game: a high speed platformer made in Flash called Ray Ardent: Science Ninja.


The original Flash game – 3 Million plays and counting.

It was well received, landing on the front page of Armor Games, Kongregate, New Grounds and many other portals. It’s been played over 3 million times.

I think it’s a pretty shitty game.

It was my first game as a solo developer and it reeks of first time mistakes.  Terrible UI, shallow gameplay, mediocre art and the list goes on and on.  When I play the game now, I cringe.  When I watch friends play it, I cringe even more.

But I love Ray Ardent.

I love the promise of science ninja pulp adventures.  I love the high-speed, high-mobility gameplay of double jumping, diving, sliding and dashing. I love Ray’s passion for yelling “SCIENCE!!” when he jumps on the heads of ravenous dinosaurs wreaking havoc on Death Valley.  I love the supporting cast of Jennifer Prudent, Renard and Brackman.

I want to give Ray Ardent the game he deserves.

The original game was very much a speed run game.  You ran fast and tried to get through the level as fast as possible.  It was fun, but it doesn’t sit right with the character. At his core, Ray Ardent is an adventurer.  Sure, he likes to go fast (what Science Ninja doesn’t?), but that isn’t what Ray is about, as a person.

Ray is about discovery, experimentation and exploration – and that’s what this new game is going to focus on.

Ray’s new adventures will take him to the far corners of the world (and beyond?)

The new Ray Ardent is going to be a very different take on the platformer, playing with scale and movement in the same way the original did, but the gameplay, level design and narrative devices are going to be a lot different.

I’ll be posting more news and info about Ray Ardent here, on my Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and DeviantArt pages, so if you socially network on any of those social networks, check it out.  If not, I’ll see you here.